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Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month which is sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security, National Cyber Security Alliance and the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center. With all of the great advice that will be posted this month about cyber security, now is a great time for businesses to review the steps needed to protect their information systems, and to raise awareness among employees about the cyber security threats they are facing.

Throughout the month, Bright Moon Security will blog about the steps all business owners should take to protect their information. We’ll cover this by discussing “The absolute necessary actions that a small business should take to protect its information systems and networks” listed in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) publication Small Business Information Security: The Fundamentals (NISTIR 7621). Below is the list of the top 10 “absolutely necessary” items:

  1. Protect information/systems/networks from damage by viruses, spyware, and other malicious code.
  2. Provide security for your Internet connection.
  3. Install and activate software firewalls on all your business systems.
  4. Patch your operating systems and applications.
  5. Make backup copies of important business data/information
  6. Control physical access to your computers and network components.
  7. Secure your wireless access point and networks.
  8. Train your employees in basic security principles.
  9. Require individual user accounts for each employee on business computers and for business applications.
  10. Limit employee access to data and information, and limit authority to install software.

We’ll also post links and tips for protecting your home computer and family from cyber security threats. On our links pages, we’ll tag links with the following tags to make it easier to find the information you are need.

  • smb = Small and medium sized business related links
  • fam = Family cyber security related links
  • NCSAM = National Cyber Security Awareness Month related links

We would love to hear what you think, any personal experiences with security breaches or comments with links that include additional information.

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